Jeopardy Review - and review sheet -

Women in Islam
Women in Islam link (PBS) - Please click on this link to respond to the questions on the top half of your handout.

Islamic art
It's your turn to explore Islamic art and to play virtual tourist. Click on each of the links below. Explore some of the suggested websites (or find your own) to find an image that draws your interest. Insert it into the table (your names are in alphabetical order) and then add three pieces of information to your annotations.

1) Image source (URL)
2) Background/history of what the image is
3) Why you chose the image/why you were drawn to it

An examplar is included for each category below:
Click here to insert your calligraphy image
Click here to insert your arabesque, scrollwork and other floral or plant-like design image
Click here to insert your geometric design image
Click here to insert your architecture image

Development of Christianity/Christians in Middle East


Key Vocabulary for Unit
Word Wall - click here for key vocabulary for this unit. To help you study, here are flashcards -

Islam - Cordoba House - Atlantic, NYT, poll 1, Public Agenda 1, Public Agenda 2