Analyzing information graphics (infographics) about Afghanistan

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Brittany, Ege

Current Situation in Afghanistan -

Coalition partners/troop numbers -

Afghanistan History and Current Issues PowerPoint

(big file - be patient) -

Landmine Information -


Group 1 – Statistics on Afghanistan – Top 10 Things we didn’t know (from web resources)
Group 2 – Mine Clearing – process, cost, technology
Group 3 – Mine Education – what’s being done to educate civilian population?
Group 4 – Survivor Assistance – what’s being done to help mine victims who survive?
Group 5 – Current Challenges with Pakistan
Group 6 – What kinds of mines does US produce? Why is the US not a signatory to the international treaty?

IRIN Article1 and IRIN Article2 (IRIN - Integrated Regional Information Networks - is part of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
Landmine Monitor: Afghanistan (see also link at bottom right of page)
RAWA - story is not updated; includes photos
UNICEF report on Afghanistan
Reuters article on new mines along Pakistani border
Educating Afghan School Children
Landmine Impact Survey (includes map)
Komatsu demining machines
Halotrust Afghanistan

CBS News - Landmines in Afghanistan (brief video piece)

MAP WORK - Please click on these links to access maps about Afghanistan & Pakistan
National Geographic Atlas of Afghanistan - Be sure to click on the various maps using the selection menu at left.
BBC - Maps from series on fighting the war on terrorism. Be sure to click on the various maps using the selection menu at left.
Map of Pakistan - please use this map to label major cities in Pakistan.


NYTimes (2006) article (click on multimedia photographs to access both photos and video - separate video link does not work)


Timeline of Afghan History -
CBS News - Rebuilding Afghanistan (Interactive website)
CBS News - Fast Facts (2007)
ABC News story on US government cooperating with the Taliban.
NPR Story - "U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Raise Debate" (October 2008)

CBS 60 Minutes - October 2008 segment on challenges facing US troops in Afghanistan

Foreign policy challenges with Pakistan - NOW on PBS