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To prepare for class on
Jan. 20
Study for unit test on Afghanistan.
Jan. 18
Read parts 3 & 4 of "Aghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky" and respond to both sides of the class handout.
Jan. 11
Read parts 1 & 2 of "Aghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky" and respond to both sides of the class handout.
Dec. 20
Study for a current events quiz. Please review these presentations: Ethan, Katie, Lucas, Hannah. Please also read this online article about the Taliban. There will be questions on the current events quiz from this text.
Dec. 16
No homework!
Dec. 14
Study for a unit test on Iraq - including history and geography.

Dec. 10
Complete rest of class handout (Iraq: War Costs) and add comment to Middle East blog (http://mideast-yhs.blogspot.com/). Have handout complete to be ready to discuss in class.
Dec. 8
Read article assigned on lessons from Iraq, and be prepared to discuss in class.
Dec. 6
Finish online assignment from PBS Frontline, Bush's War, about events from 2003 up to a plan for a surge of troops in 2007. In class on Monday, I'll give you time to study for a current events quiz at the end of the period over Mike's, Connor's and Nate's current events presentations.

Dec. 2
Keep the trend going - no homework!
Nov. 30
No homework from break.
Nov. 25
Happy Thanksgiving
Nov. 23
Study for unit test on Iran - including history and geography.

Nov. 19
Study for a current events quiz. See current events presentations on the wiki - Smythe, Carter, and Lindsey.
Nov. 17
Complete homework on "Becoming a Nuclear Power." Please drop box using naming protocol at bottom of the page.

In class: after simulation, reply to question on Middle East blog: http://mideast-yhs.blogspot.com/.

Article about Turkey hosting talks with Iran: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6A74HR20101108
Nov. 15
Homework due on the 9th now due on the 15th... due to storm day on the 8th.
Nov. 9
Please complete reading about Iran's modern history (post-1979 Revolution) handed out in class. Answer questions in your own words on this handout.

Nov. 5
No new homework. Please get caught up if you have any missing work.
Nov. 3
Go to the current events page for the wiki, study the 5 current events presentations there, and also review your Near East map (Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq). We'll have a quiz over this material in class.
Nov. 1
Carefully read author and poet Naomi Shihab-Nye's open letter to any Would-Be Terrorist, written after the 9/11 attacks. As we are studying continuing conflicts in the Middle East, I think this piece of writing is still relevant today. After you finish reading, please write her a letter responding to what you've read and reflecting on what you've learned in this class so far. You may or may not agree with what she's written. We will be editing your letters in class on Monday.
Oct. 28
Complete reading about a Palestinian teen handed out in class. Choose your favorite quote or passage, record it on a Pages document, and then write a brief explanation about why you chose the passage (what message did you think was important in the passage or what struck you about it or ???).
Oct. 26
Complete assignment about Israeli air strike on suspected nuclear facility in Syria.
Oct. 22
Complete map assignment handed out in class.
Oct. 20
No homework! We'll continue our study of Lebanon in class on Wednesday.
Oct. 18
Study for unit test on history of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from British Mandate period to current challenges.
Oct. 14
Study for geography quiz on Israel/Palestine (from maps handed out in class on Tuesday).
Oct. 12
Finish your notes (individually - 3 articles) and work with your group to complete a presentation to educate other students about your topic.
West Bank Wall - Connor, Billy, Tiffany, Marshall
Golan Heights - Ethan, Carter, Nate
Palestinian Refugees - Katie, Lucas, Courtney, Emily
Conflict between Hamas and Fatah - Emma, Smythe, Sean
Conflict between Israel and Palestinians - Mike, Lindsey, Read, Hannah, David
Oct. 7
Complete the attached assignment about key events in recent history regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Please be sure to summarize in your own words. Nice job with the simulation in class!

Oct. 5
Complete reading (start with 1967 on yellow timeline packet I handed out in class) and background notes (blue packet) on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from 1967- . (Following Round 2 of simulation.)
Oct. 1
Complete reading and background notes on this history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from 1948-67. (Following Round 1 of simulation.)
Sept. 29
Complete reading handed out in class with background information on immigration, land settlement, and conflict in British Mandate Palestine, and answer questions that accompany reading.
Sept. 27
Review for a quiz on the partitioning of the Middle East. See Ottoman Empire page for my keynote, review sheet, and link to a map game.
Sept. 23
No homework. We'll continue our discussion of the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire in class on Thursday.
Sept. 21
Complete homework on political cartoon analysis related to the Middle East.
Sept. 17
Study for unit test on three world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. (See Three Religions wiki page for study guide, vocab. flash cards, and Jeopardy Keynote review.)
Sept. 15
Read about the controversy surrounding the Islamic center in New York by reading this link, these different perspectives, and clicking on this map to see where the proposed center would be.
Sept. 13
Step 1. Read the handout on Islamic art.
Step 2. Read this web page about the principles of Islamic art and design from PBS.
Step 3. Be a virtual tourist this weekend. Look for 4 examples of Islamic art and architecture that are interesting to you.

• Click here to insert your calligraphy image
• Click here to insert your arabesque, scrollwork and other floral or plant-like design image
• Click here to insert your geometric design image
• Click here to insert your architecture image
Sept. 9
Read Islam packet handed out in class and complete 3rd column of the notetaking chart related to Islam. I will collect your chart in class on Thursday.
Sept. 7
Read Christianity packet handed out in class and complete 2nd column of the notetaking chart related to Christianity.
Sept. 2
Read Judaism packet handed out in class and complete 1st column of the notetaking chart related to Judaism.