Current events article on Strait of Hormuz -

Maps of Iran

Physical features mapand series of maps (click to enlarge)
Ethnic diversity map
Sunni/Shi'a map

Iran - History and Economy Resources

Keynote on Iran's early history -
Class handout I gave you on Iran's modern history -
Keynote on Social and Economic Indicators in Iran -

Other timeline resources (optional):
Discovery Channel - concise timeline with brief descriptions of key events in our relationship with Iran
Council on Foreign Relations link for a lengthier timeline of US-Iran Relations

Concern Over Iran's Nuclear Program

Please click on this link to learn more about nuclear proliferation as a background to understanding concerns about Iran's nuclear program.
Map of Iran's suspected nuclear sites -

If you're interested in learning more about the US approach to Iran's nuclear program, watch this program from PBS:
The Right Approach to Iran's Nuclear Program? - NOW on PBS

US polling data on Iran as a global threat - Pew Research data
Iranian polling data on security and policy issues - [[|CNN report]