Data about Iraq War and Effects on Iraqis

Resources for Geography of Iraq
Map of Iraq and Map2 of Iraq
Map of Iraq's ethnic/sectarian divisions
Sunni triangle map more detailed ethnic/sectarian divisions
Iraq's Oil Resources
Tribal Map - Iraq
Map of Baghdad in 2003 and 2006 - changes in ethnic makeup of neighborhoods

Resources for Key Players Chart
Please click on the links below to learn more about a key player in Iraq today. Note: most will click on more than one link.
Link to al-Maliki, Talibani, al-Sadr, al-Sistani, Odierno and Hill (look for index of players beneath "Iraq in Transition" headline)
Link to Nouri al-Maliki
Link to Jalal Talibani
Link to Muqtada al-Sadr
Link to Ali al-Sistani
Link to General Odierno

Links to read about Noora
Coastal Journal - Chewonki Students Respond
Portland Press Herald - links to a number of stories about Noora

Ray Odierno - 60 Minutes -
Watch CBS News Videos Online

Past Resources

Discuss Newsweek article handed out in class
BBC - Recent Election in Iraq
New York Times video - Analyzing elections in Iraq - here is a map of Iraq's provinces
CNN article - Iraq's Allawi Open to Talks Over New Government
US War dead in Iraq

Maps to help explain Iran/Iraq war in 1980s
Map 1 - Iraqi access to Persian Gulf and Map 2
Map 3 - Iran's oil reserves
Map 4 - Arab population in Iran

Evidence about Saddam Hussein and genocide in Iraq
International Herald Tribune - massacre of Kurds
Human Rights Watch - 1991 Report on Kurd
CBS video - Death sentence for Saddam Hussein for war crimes